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2.1. Custom reward programs

Most credit card providers now have custom rewards programs for their cardholders. This allows them to control how many points are earned per $1 spent, what the points can be used to redeem and how many points are needed for specific redemptions.

Credit card provider reward programs often come with online or printed catalogues of rewards, and “specials” on different reward options. Most of these programs also let you transfer your points to both Australian and international frequent flyer programs.

The flexibility of this kind of rewards program can be great if you are not a frequent flyer. When calculating the value of a rewards program, it’s important to consider how many points you need to make redemptions. Below are some examples of what you can get for different amounts of points, based on issuer reward programs. This is an estimated guide only:

Examples Of Credit Card Provider Rewards

  • 6,000 points: A 6-month magazine subscription
  • 11,000 points: A $50 gift card
  • 17,000 points: 4x Adult cinema tickets
  • 70,000 points: A Nespresso coffee machine
  • 100,000 points: One night at a five-star hotel in the CBD