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2.2. Frequent flyer reward programs

There are two main frequent flyer programs in Australia – the Qantas Frequent Flyer program and Virgin’s Velocity Frequent Flyer program – and you can earn points for either one directly by choosing a frequent flyer credit card.

The structure of frequent flyer programs means that these kinds of reward credit cards are best used by people who want to earn points for flights and/or save up for a holiday. As with other rewards credit cards, it’s also important to consider how often you will actually be using the card, and how much you would have to spend to get value out of it when you also consider the annual fee and potential interest costs.

Frequent Flyer Reward Comparison

Points required to redeem: Qantas FF Points Velocity FF Points
Economy flight from Sydney to Melbourne 8,000 pts 7,800 pts
A $50 Westfield gift card 12,450 pts 9,000 pts

(As at October 2017)