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3.3. Guaranteed pricing schemes

Guaranteed pricing schemes give cardholders the opportunity to claim the difference if they buy a product and then see it at a lower price. Generally this cover is only available within 21 days of making a purchase using a credit card, and requires proof of purchase and proof of the lower price.

Example 1
If you bought a tablet for $1000 on your credit card and then saw the same make and model on sale in a different store for $800, you could claim the difference and get $200 credited to your account.

Example 2
Let’s say you buy a handbag for $200 using your credit card. Two weeks later, the store where you bought it has that bag on sale for $100. If you have a guaranteed pricing scheme on your credit card, you can claim the difference to match the sales price.

This type of insurance – also known as a “Best Price Guarantee” – often has strict conditions, such as making sure the product is exactly the same and that the lower price is printed in a physical catalogue. Just as the Lowest Price Guarantees you see in some stores are not all they’re cracked up to be, the value of this credit card extra is questionable.

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