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3.7. Other complimentary extras

Credit card providers are constantly changing the additional features that come with different credit cards, and there is a range of less common extras that you may also have access to through your account. These could include:

  • Interstate flight inconvenience insurance: Insurance that covers the cost of flight delays, lost or stolen luggage and some flight cancellations when you travel between states in Australia.
  • Car hire insurance: Covers the cost of accidents that occur in a hire car when you use your credit card to pay for it.
  • Exclusive event invitations: These are usually industry specific, for example, a fashion launch invitation if you have a credit card from a department store.
  • Free domestic return flights: Some credit cards give you a free return flight between capital cities in Australia once per year.
  • Flight discounts: This could include 2-for-1 ticket offers or “buy one, get 50% off for a companion” offers exclusively available for certain credit cards.
  • Complimentary airline lounge access: Vouchers to access an airline lounge 1-2 times per year.
  • Dining programs: This could include discounts on restaurant bills or a free bottle of wine when you dine and pay with your credit card.
  • Presale tickets: Both Visa and Mastercard offer customers frontline access to events across Australia and around the world. See their websites for more info.