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1.6. Other credit card fees

There are a number of less common fees that your credit card issuer may charge. These include:

  • Overlimit charges: Applied when you go over your credit limit.
  • Late payment fees: Applied when you make a payment after the due date on your statement
  • ATM balance enquiries: A fee charged when you check your balance at an ATM outside of your issuer’s network.
  • Emergency card replacement fees: The cost or costs associated with replacing your credit card when it is lost or stolen.
  • Additional statement fees: Applied when you request another printed copy of your credit card statement.

Some credit card issuers choose not to charge these fees, some charge only a few of these fees and others charge them all.

TIP: Check for “additional fees and charges” in the fine print for a credit card to find out what charges are applied in different situations.