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3.2. Transferring one balance to a new card

Below are the steps it takes to transfer debt from an existing credit card (or other eligible loan) to a new credit card with a balance transfer offer:

  1. Find a credit card with a balance transfer that is suitable.
  2. Apply for the credit card.
  3. During the application process, apply for the debt from your existing card to be transferred to the new card. You will need to include:
    - The amount of debt you want to transfer.
    - The account name and number.
    - The account expiry date.
    - The issuer details.
  4. When the application is approved, check to see how much of the balance transfer has been approved. Negotiate or cancel the card if the balance transfer isn’t appropriate, otherwise:
  5. Wait to receive the card and activate it. Your new credit card provider then starts the balance transfer process.
  6. Continue to make any required payments on your old card until the balance is transferred to your new card.

When the balance is moved to your new card, you can start making payments to reduce your debt. It’s also a good time to decide whether or not to cancel the old card.